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Yearly Archives: 2020


Annual General Meeting 2020

This year’s Old Alts AGM will go ahead, but in a ZOOM meeting rather than face-to-face.

On 11th November 2020, 7:00 pm, Virtual Meeting

Please phone or email our Secretary Antony Perrett for details of how to join.


Published Date: 26th October 2020
Category: News



Success at Cambridge!

Just watching BBC1 6 o’clock news which featured Success Anyanwu starting his second year at Cambridge having left AGSB the year before.68718A17-BFFD-4B68-B08B-BF954EBD6F4B


Published Date: 6th October 2020
Category: News



Nearly There!

20200921_123235a 20200921_122344a

The work’s coming on nicely. The Head’s deadline of October half-term is approaching!


Published Date: 3rd October 2020
Category: News



Grammar Old Boys Start Firm

Messenger Newspapers 24/9/20Allies1

GRAMMAR Productions was founded in 2016 by old friends Alex Bescoby and Max Jones, who studied together at Altrincham Boys Grammar School.
Later they were joined by Luke Radcliff, and their recent film ‘Forgotten Allies’, the Search for Burma’s Lost Heroes, has been praised by celebrities such as Joanna Lumley. who described it as a ‘remarkable and wonderful film’.
The film discovers long forgotten participants and victims of the Burma Campaign and was filmed across Burma, now called Myanmar.
Alex Bescoby lived there for several years after university so he has first hand knowledge of it. “It’s a beguiling and complex country with a deeply shared history with our own,” he said.
‘Forgotten Allies’ was filmed in Myanmar between 2017 and 2018 and had its world premiere at the National Army Museum in 2019.
Now Grammar Productions are making it available to others. via Historyhit. Known as the Netflix for History, it is an online subscription service.
It was made possible by a crowd-funding campaign endorsed by the late Dame Vera Lynn. Griff Rhys Jones, Levison Wood, Joe Simpson and organisations such as Help for Heroes, the Royal Commonwealth ex-services League and the Royal British Legion backed by people from all around the world.
Following the recent VJ 75th commemorations, the war in Burma has hit the headlines.
During World War 2 thousands of Burmese gave their lives fighting for Britain in a war against the Japanese.
After the Allied victory they became part of ‘The Forgotten Army’. Donations can be made via PayPal or Just Giving.


Published Date: 24th September 2020
Category: News



Old Alts 2020 Dinner

We had to postpone the Annual Dinner in April and we pencilled in a possible alternative date in November, still to be held at Blanchflower in Altrincham.
However, it’s looking highly unlikely that this will be possible and with social distancing measures they could only accommodate a fraction of the numbers we were expecting. Therefore we’ll have to cancel the Dinner for this year and hopefully be in a position to host the next one in Spring 2021

A number of people had already paid for their tickets. Those who paid by cheque can simply have the cheque destroyed, but those who paid by BACS and require a refund will need to get in touch with Ken Webb: kenjwebb@btinternet.com


Published Date: 17th September 2020
Category: News



2020 Newsletter and all the way back to 1945!

Antony Perrett, back from his travels, has once again done a great job in producing this year’s Newsletter.
Click below to see for yourself!

At last year’s Annual Reunion Dinner (and there will be another one as soon as Covid 19 is out of the way) I was asked if we could make the Newsletters from previous years, available online. Well, here they are!

A big thank you to Ken Webb (1954-61) for lending me his file of Newsletters, and now also to Peter Monether (1963-70) for scanning his copies! Ian Stephen (1949-54) has sent me a box full of goodies which include an extra seven Newsletters!

Happy reading,

Colin Bamford (1965-1967)
President, Old Altrinchamians

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Published Date: 9th September 2020
Category: News



First Floor View!

An interesting photo inside the first floor of the new Teaching Block looking North, showing the corridor on the West side of the Block facing the original red brick building.
Thank you Alan Simpson and 10architect!4187E3D5-87E7-43C3-8017-6F458A56729F


Published Date: 8th September 2020
Category: News



New Teaching Block

Another great drone picture from Alan Simpson at 10architect! You can see a well tended Headmaster’s garden, the Scout Hut and some clever roof work linking to the Coleman Hall.
Drone Coleman Roof1


Published Date: 5th September 2020
Category: News



School as it used to be!

Can anyone date this picture for me? It must have been the sixties or before.
We can see that the new building follows the line of this single storey wooden construction.IMG_4710a
Email me on colincbamford@aol.com


Published Date: 23rd August 2020
Category: News



A Century of Football

Brian Book1Brian Clark is pleased to announce the much anticipated launch of his history of the Old Alts Football Club. As the title suggests, the club this year celebrates its centenary and Brian has been a part of that since 1961.
This work has been meticulously researched – a task which has clearly given Brian much pleasure. He manages to bring life to many of the characters who have played their parts in the development and success of this terrific organisation.

Brian PicCopies can be obtained from Brian for just £10 plus £2 P&P,
with £5 from each book sold going to the Club.
Please email Brian at R60BRC@BTINTERNET.com,
to discuss payment alternatives.


Published Date: 27th July 2020
Category: News